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Buying Guide

The Right Realtor for You.

People wonder if it's more important to like your Realtor or trust their professional abilities. Both are vital. Bottom line: Hire a Realtor who makes you feel confident they'll deliver the results you're looking for.

Meet with a few different Realtors, and you'll see the difference our team brings.

Contact a Mortgage Broker

We're happy to help if you need advice. Mortgage brokers are independent, and have access to various lenders (at no cost to you). Clarifying the type of mortgage you are eligible for is crucial.

Finding the Perfect Property

We make the search and viewing process easy with state of art technology. New Construction Note: if you are considering building a new home, always hire a trusted Realtor. You will not be responsible for paying commissions and prevent any conflict of interest by having your own representation.

Offer, Negotiations, and Acceptance

When you are ready to write an offer we draft them to better protect your interests. The offer is submitted to the agent representing the seller. Rest assured that by employing expert negotiation skills you and I will work together to negotiate the best price, dates and conditions for you.

"Clarifying the type of mortgage you are eligible for is crucial."

Removing Conditions

We have a set amount of time as stated in the contract to satisfy all conditions like home inspections, financing, etc.

Closing the Sale

This process completes the purchase and includes all final formalities with both parties lawyers, the documents are signed, funds are exchanged for the title and keys to the property and the transaction is recorded at the registry office.

Moving Preparations

This includes booking moving services and arranging to transfer basic services like your hydro, gas, cable, etc. All moves are stressful and we've seen it all.

Possession and Moving Day!

As proud new owners of your Calgary or Airdrie home you'll need to know how to best protect your investment. View our investing page for more details.